Chaos Control 2 for Web, PC, Mac and iPad is here

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Chaos Control 2 for Desktop, Web and iPad


Dmitriy from Chaos Control here. Happy to let you know that we've just released Chaos Control 2 for Web, Windows, Mac and iPad. We've also updated the Android app to support tablets. You will find the download links below.

Here is what you need to know

  • The Web app is currently not supported by Safari. We are working on bringing it to the default macOS browser in coming updates. Meanwhile, please use Chrome, Firefox or an alternative browser.
  • Using the Web version of Chaos Control 2 is the best way to use the app on Linux. However, you may want to try launching the Windows app using Wine.
  • The Windows app supports Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you are using an earlier version of Windows please feel free to work in the Web app instead.
  • The iPad version is a part of the iOS package. So if you've had the previous version installed on your iPad it will update automatically through the App Store.

Please note that this is an initial release and there will be more improvements down the road. That said, here are some limitations of the current Web and Desktop apps:

  • Drag and Drop functionality is currently limited to manual sorting lists only.
  • The context menu is not yet available in the Projects and Contexts navigation tree.
  • Hotkeys are limited, but you can use CTRL+N/CMD+N, CTRL+S/CMD+S combinations to open an object adding dialog and saving the changes.
  • Font sizes currently can't be adjusted.
  • Some minor features that are present in the iOS/Android app are currently not present in the Desktop version.

Other than that the app is stable and we hope you'll enjoy using it. More good stuff to come!


I am using the alpha version now. Should I switch to the new app?
Absolutely. Please note that we are sunsetting the old alpha 14 for Windows and Mac. All the new updates and features will be appearing in the new apps that you can download using the links above.

I am still using Chaos Control 1. Should I switch to Chaos Control 2?
We definitely recommend doing so. While CC1 continues to be available on the App Store and Google Play, we won't be updating it anymore. All the development resources are invested in CC2 and we aspire to make it even better with every further update.

In order to switch, please create a new account in CC2 using the same email you used for CC1. The app will see your license and prompt you to import data from CC1.

What about licenses? I have Premium/PRO, do I have to pay again?
All our monthly/yearly subscriptions are universal and apply for both CC1 and CC2 on all platforms. If you have lifetime PRO it applies to the new apps as well.

However, if you have lifetime Premium, it depends on the type of the license you have. Premium for All Platforms applies to all of your devices including the new Web version. Premium for iOS applies to the iPhone and iPad app for both CC1 and CC2. Same for Android. Premium for Windows or Mac applies to the new Windows/Mac app but not to the Web version. (You need Premium/PRO for all platforms or a universal monthly/yearly subscription to use the web app without limitations.)

What's next for Chaos Control

In coming weeks we'll be working hard on improving CC2 and bringing new features like notifications, drag and drop, export to calendar and more. We expect to add notes, files, AI features and team work later this summer. We hope you'll like what we have on our roadmap. Please consider leaving a review at the Mac App Store and Google Play to support our work.

Don't hesitate to reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

Have a productive week!

Dmitriy Tarasov,
founder of Chaos Control

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