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Hello guys,
This is Dmitriy from
Chaos Control.

It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve spent 18 months working on a completely updated platform for the future generation of Chaos Control apps.

Today we are happy to let your know that Chaos Control 2 is available for download from App Store and Google Play. No worries, your old license applies to the new app as well, more on that later.

What’s new in Chaos Control 2

First of all, you can finally add multiple contexts to tasks and projects. You can also set priorities and mark particular tasks with color coding:

You can use color to highlight particular projects as well:

Please note that "Priorities" is a part of the general Contexts functionality where you will find a dedicated priority matrix:

The app has other improvements, including more recurrent task options, a new menu and the "Activities" section. Feel free to download the app and check it out!

Get the app from App Store
Get the app from Google Play

Chaos Control 2 limitations

Even though we’ve spent a lot of time working on Chaos Control 2, please note that this is the first version of our new app. Version 2.0 is just a beginning and we have lots of updates to be released in the upcoming weeks.

This version of the app has some limitations compared to the original Chaos Control:

  • Reminders can only be added to single actions and projects. We will be adding reminders for recurrent tasks in future updates.
  • The app currently only supports phones, not tablets. We are adding tablet support in the upcoming months.

Actually, that’s about it. Other than that, Chaos Control 2 is solid and includes some long-awaited new features.

Chaos Control 2 for PC and Mac

We are still working on a release version of Chaos Control 2 for desktops, but you can already download the alpha version for Mac and Windows, (which work perfectly fine with the officially released apps for iOS and Android.)

Get Chaos Control 2 alpha for Mac or Windows

Please note that macOS might show the message «Can’t install this app from an unverified vendor.» In this case, navigate to Settings → Privacy and Security. You will see the option to install the app anyway.

Why a separate app?

Chaos Control 2 is a completely new app with a new backend and database. This means that you won’t be able to sync your data between the old Chaos Control and the new one.

You can still import your Chaos Control 1 data using the import feature though. You will find it at Settings → Your Account → Import data from CC1.

Please note that accounts created in CC1 will not transfer to CC2. You will need to register once again in the new app.

What is going to happen to the old app?

Nothing. You can still use the previous version of Chaos Control. We won’t be updating it, but we are not removing it from the store. However, we do recommend switching to Chaos Control 2 as soon as possible to enjoy all of the latest features and further updates.

Transferring your old license

If you purchased a lifetime license or subscription for the old app, it does apply to Chaos Control 2 as well.

Here is how it works: your license is linked to your Chaos Control account that can be created under the Settings → My Account section of the app. If you had an account in the old version of Chaos Control, your license is already linked to your email. Make sure you are using the same email for your Chaos Control 2 account. In this case, the app will see your license and unlock all the Premium features.

If you’ve purchased a subscription for the old app using App Store or Google Play but haven’t created an account yet, you need to register inside the old app to link your purchase to your email. Please note that App Store and Google Play treat Chaos Control 1 and Chaos Control 2 as separate apps, so the “in-app purchase restore” feature won’t work if you purchased a license inside Chaos Control 1 and try to restore it inside Chaos Control 2. That is why we link purchases to your email to make sure you have Premium for the new app if you purchased it in the old one.

Please feel free to email us if you have issues with transferring your license from the old app. We are here to help!

More features and updates to come!
Please consider leaving us a review on App Store and Google Play. Every positive one really helps us to move forward!

Get the app from App Store
Get the app from Google Play

Dmitriy Tarasov,
founder of Chaos Control


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